Building release notes in agile development

Many Development Teams are working with scrum creating at least one new software version every three weeks . This workflow including a new version of documentation every three week.

The number of released software versions is increasing using this type of agile methodologies but

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Feature Toggle (Part 1 of N)

Do you have a variable flag which depending of the configuration the flag will enable/disable (toggle) to execute some lines of code of a feature.? are you tired of this approach?

This patterns was known as “Feature Toggle” which is a set of patterns which can help a team to deliver new functionality to users rapidly but safely.

“Feature Toggling” could be done with t just a variable flag but there are other better way to do it but of course it will require more time to implement it.

Working with toggle feature it will help in:

  • Adopt new technologies as part of feature toggles
  • Clean Code (if don’t use just simple variable flags)
  • Reduce Risk branch merges issues “feature branch”
  • other more things!


Image source from this great “Feature togglingarticle

“Feature Toggling” could be used when

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Layered Software Architecture (Part 1 of N)

There are different architecture patterns like MVC , MVP or MvvM but I’m convince that it’s required more artefacts to build a good Software Architecture.

Do you think if it’s enough just applying any of the previous patterns to build a good Software Architecture ?


MVC , MVP or MvvM are architecture patterns to structure code and those patterns was common has been used by Developers with  experience to reduce the coupling between layers.

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How to integrate different web features from one web product to another (Part 1 of N)

Imagine if you’d had a web product with a UI Web feature and you had wanted that UI Web feature into another independent web product .

How would you integrate different web UI features from one product to another?

Many companies spent time and

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Application Timeout issues in the real Software World (Part 1 of N)

In a perfect Software World the application timeout issues shouldn’t happens but since the perfect Software World doesn’t exist we need to deal with the application timeouts.

Do you have only one default hard-cording value timeout for the full application? or do you have different hard-cording value for different part of the application ?

I think for the real Software World at least it will be good to be possible configure the global application timeout used in the application instead to have a default hard-cording value .

What do you think about have configurable the application timeout?

Network database conceptImprimir

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